You can wakesurf on any boat by adding Fat Sacs where needed.
Call +1 561-523-1947 anytime to find out what Fat Sacs you need to wakesurf on your boat.

  • W707-CAMO - Pro X Series Fat Sac
  • W701-CAMO - Pro X Series V-Drive Sac (set)
  • W702-CAMO - Pro X Series Fat Brick
  • W703-CAMO - Pro X Series Side Sac (set)
  • W704-CAMO - Pro X Series Tube Sac
  • W705-CAMO - Pro X Series Rear Seat Bottom/Center Locker Sac
  • W706-CAMO - Pro X Series Open Bow Triangle
  • W711-CAMO - Pro X Series Integrated Bow Sac
  • W713-CAMO - Pro X Series V-Drive Wake Surf Sac
  • W718-CAMO - Pro X Series Ultimate Wake Surf Sac
  • W719-CAMO - Pro X Series Jumbo V-Drive Wake Sutf Sac

The best possible way to learn to ski & wakeboard is on the boom.
We make booms to fit every type of boat and on the tubing of every wakeboard tower.
Call us at 1-561-523-1947 anytime to find out which boom fits your boat!

Approximately 30 years ago, Barefoot International manufactured the 1st boom on the market and today continues to be the #1 choice for Pro's, ski schools, families, and/or anybody wanting to learn wakeboarding and water skiing. Our booms fit all boats and are by far the one item needed to make any boat the ultimate learning tool for wakeboarding and skiing. We guarantee you will do less tubing and enjoy your time on the water 100% more while saving 50% on wasted gas. You can teach or learn everything on the water in under 15 minutes.

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The Pro X Series Crossbar Tower is the only tower that you can add to your boat that is strong enough to pull multiple tubes...Or anything else, and it will never vibrate loose or crack your boat's fiberglass when you do 3 key things:

1. Make sure that our supplied underplates are mounted flush.

2. Be sure to check that the rear overhead adjustable crossbar, below where the rope is attached, is kept tight. This is best accomplished by having a couple of your friends help you turn it tight at the same time.

3. Double check that every nut bolt and screw is fully tightened.

IMPORTANT: Call us at 1-561-523-1947 for quick tips on installing the Pro X Series tower. This will help you understand the uniqueness of it and do the best installation of the tower.

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One of Barefoot International's
Awesome Inventions

The Super FlyHigh Tower Extension (patented)!

We make Super FlyHigh Tower Extensions to fit any wakeboard tower!! Call us at 1-561-523-1947 for the part number for the one that fits your tower.

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